The United States of America

The United States of America is a very large country in North America and is made up of fifty two (52) states. These 52 states all fall under the governance of one head.

The United States of America first started as a colony of England, but rebelled. This resulted in the Revolutionary War which claimed the lives of many Americans and British alike. The outcome of the war was that the United States of America defeated the King of England and proclaimed themselves independent.

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The United States of America has since emerged into a powerful economic success and declared itself the superpower of the world.

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Many nations have since admired the stellar economic success of the United States of America, especially its dreamlike rags-to-riches success ideology.

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Unlike many other financially successful nations, the United States of America has made it easier for foreigners to enter its territories with the ambition of improving their lives and financial conditions.

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Of course, you don’t expect them to allow the entire world to just pour into the country and overcrowd and corrupt it, but the laws are generous and allow for sponsorship, work visas, naturalization, etc, much more than other countries.

Religion in the United States of America

The United States of America started mostly as a christian civilization, but┬ámaintains “freedom of religion”. Today there is a mix of all religious views, as well as atheism in the US. However, it is still considered a predominantly Christian nation.

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