First Published on June 16, 2015 by Patrick Carpen.

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There’s more to the internet than just Facebook. Much more. – Patrick Carpen.

100 Websites You Wished You Knew Earlier

There are gazillions of websites on the internet, but few of them really deliver the goods. These diamonds in the rough are rare to come by. The good thing is, I’ve been ploughing the web for decades, and I know what’s hot and what’s not.

Here I’ll give you the best websites to get the job, or the product, done, in a matter of …. Let’s just cut to the chase.

PDF Drive

Hundreds of thousands of freely downloadable PDF ebooks for your reading pleasure and education.

Go to:

Tiny Wow

Tiny wow gives you amazing tools for free – that you would usually need to pay large money for. These include edit PDF, video editor, and much more.

Made How

Made How is a website which teaches you how to make all kinds of useful things. It details the manufacturing process from start to finish. You’re learn how to create such useful products as soap, mosquito repellent, tomato ketchup, and so much more. So if you ever dreamed of starting your own manufacturing business, this is the place to be.

Deal Extreme

Computers, cellphones, cameras, camcorders, and all kinds of gadgets. Check this website out today. They ship worldwide and truly deliver.


A great place to find cheap cell phones and other related products.

Elance Outsourcing

If you’re looking to get some work done in the area of web design, software engineering, programming, writing, translation, graphic design, art, transcription, and much more, you’ll wish you knew this website earlier. Here’ll you’ll find the world’s most talented individuals competing for your satisfaction. If you are a talented individual, you can find some work and make some good money here.

Publishers Global

The writer’s and self publisher’s paradise:

Entire Web

A good website for webmasters and affiliate marketers who want to achieve better ranking in the search engines.

Independent Book Publishers’ Association

The self-publisher’s paradise. Here you can find a list of book distribution companies to help you market your books around the world.


Liderkey is the budding entrepreneur and the angel investor’s paradise. Are you looking to start a new business but need financing? Sign up to Liderkey and chances are, you’ll get the key to your future. Do you have money and would like to finance a project for a budding entrepreneur? Sign up with Liderkey today and chances are, you’ll add excitement and profits to your life.

Businesses for Sale

“Businesses for Sale” is the investor’s paradise. Here, you can find businesses which are already making a healthy profit, for sale. You can then purchase the business and start making money from the first day. People sell businesses for many reasons. Sometimes, after spending decades of hard work building a business, the owner of owners don’t just want to fold up the fruits of their labors, but they need to retire and life a less stress free life. These people may have already earned enough money to retire and are ready to sell their business. Here is where you can come in and make dollars and sense.


Quozio is a powerful tool for creating beautiful text on beautiful backgrounds. You can save the picture and use it however and wherever you wish.

Primrose Lodge

Primrose lab is a website dedicated to helping those struggling with addiction to substances such as alcohol and drugs. It is powered by real people ready to talk to you.

Bulk Resize Photos

Do you need to resize of a batch of like 100 photos without using a software? Now you can do it in seconds right from your browser. Go to:

Pixabay is a vibrant community of creatives, sharing copyright free images, videos and music. All contents are released under the Pixabay License, which makes them safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist – even for commercial purposes.

Pixabay is the content creator’s paradise, but it is also the photographer’s and graphics creator’s paradise. Most paid photo libraries charge hefty fees for their stock photos. It can go as high as 50 dollars for photo. The seasoned content creator knows that many projects are scrapped, redone, and modified many times before finally meeting success. Therefore, finding good photos to put on an ebook, website article, etc can be a challenge the traditional way.

Along comes Thousands of great, talented, awesome photographers from around the world upload amazing, high quality photos that they let you use free of charge. They don’t even ask for credit or a backlink! But it’s optional. Additionally, you can leave a donation or, as they put it, buy them a coffee. I’ve made use of a lot of these photos for my thousands of articles. You can be sure that if I use one of these free photos on a project that draws in substantial profits, I’ll pay the photographer well even though it is not necessary. I’ve already made a donation to a great photographer whose photo I used on a book project, but if the book succeeds, I also plan to pay her a part of the profits.

But it doesn’t stop there. Getting your photos accepted into traditional paid photo libraries can be challenging. They have a mountain of requirements. And when your photos finally get through, if they do, there is no guarantee that it will sell. Paid photo libraries are phasing out. Now I know what to do with the thousands of photographs I have taken during my travels: upload them to and join the community that has helped me so much. Even though I won’t get paid cold hard cash for every photo downloaded I’ll rest content that I’ve given back to the community and the world at large. Who knows, maybe a few cents will trickle in through donations, but the real satisfaction comes from watching your content being downloaded knowing that you have enriched the life of someone far away – in your own small way.

Onesafe Software PC Cleaner

Due to cookies, malware, spyware, viruses, registry issues, etc, your PC tends to slow down over time. Eventually, you’ll experience freezes and lockups. No matter how much of an expert you are, you may not be able to fix all the issues and get the computer running like cheese again. That’s why there’s Onesafe Software PC Cleaner.

And it really does do a great job. This morning, my PC hit the point where it had become “painfully slow.” I realized that every second that I didn’t fix the issue, I was losing time and money. I remembered back in 2018 I had bought a license for PC speed up. However, that site moved and migrated to Onesafe Software PC Cleaner. Now, they charge a monthly fee instead of a one-time payment. But it’s worth every dime.

Remember, not all PCs will become sluggish for the same reasons, but most of the the time, this awesome software can fix it. Get your PC running at top speed again. Get Onesafe Software PC Cleaner.

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