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Last updated: April 6, 2018 at 23:58 pm

quote photoSometimes I come across some amazing quotes. And some of them are so inspiring that I feel the need to write them down. – Patrick Carpen.


Hence this website. Yes, I’ve decided to create a neat website where I can write down all these amazing quotes for all the world to read conveniently…and hopefully, be inspired.

I hope you will have fun reading these quotes. Many of them come from very ordinary people! Yes, that’s right! Sometimes, when I’m scrolling through Facebook, I would just see a quote by an ordinary guy or girl – yes – most of the time it’s a girl – that’s simply amazing. And I’d ask her, “did you really make that up yourself?” And most of the time, she did!

And I think to myself, you know these quotes shouldn’t just dissolve into the atmosphere of words: they should be preserved.

You’ll find quotes here under different headings, such as:




Inspirational Quotes

Motivational Quotes.


Have fun reading these quotes, and be sure to share your own quotes in the comments section!

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