Audiobooks Narrated by Patrick Carpen

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This page was last updated on the 29th of August, 2015 by Patrick Carpen.

Imagine sitting on an express train comfortably with your earphones in your ears. You may be listening to music. But this time you’re listening to a fun adventure story. Instead of just sitting there, or simply moving your head to the rhythm of song, your imagination is whisked away into a world of fun and adventure. Occasional smiles burst upon your face, and at times you get carried away with gestures of the hands and feet as you get immersed into the setting and action of the narration.

This is what audiobooks do to people. In this day and age, they’re an enjoyable form of entertainment which rivals both film and reading. But that’s not all. Audiobooks can be highly educational. Audiobook can simplify hard chunks of facts into tidbits that make it easy for you to swallow. There are entertaining audiobooks and there are educational audiobooks. I think you should have your fill of both!

Audiobooks could just be your source of something really really productive to do when you’re in a long line, on a long trip with nothing to do, or just feeling bored with the general pace. Whether you listen to audiobooks in the subway station, on a bus, in the passenger’s seat of a car, in the park, while walking home, while lying down comfortably on your bed at home, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you savor the precious sounds which fill your eardrums with fun, entertainment and education all at the same time.


Audiobooks don’t just make you smarter, they’re a great source of entertainment. But it doesn’t stop there. We all know how challenging it can be to learn a new language. Millions of people around the world today are struggling to master proper English pronunciation because English is not their second language. That’s where audiobooks come in. By simply having fun and listening to the entertaining and educational narrations of an audiobook, your English language skills will dramatically improve. And that includes grammar, pronunciation and style.

Audiobooks should be produced by only the best. And that’s why “Patrick Carpen“. Patrick Carpen is a world renowned English writer, linguist and grammatician. His voice and language has been acclaimed as one of the best in the industry.

Have fun listening to and learing from the audiobooks narrated by Patrick Carpen.

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