Racism – An Introduction

Racism, as it applies to the modern world, may be defined as any or all of the following:

1. The belief that one’s race is superior to all other races.

2. The belief that one’s race is superior to one other race or some other races.

3. The belief that some races are better than others.

4. The belief that members of one’s race deserves special treatment and attention because they are superior.

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5. The belief that people belonging to races other than one’s own should be treated with lesser importance.

6. The belief that a person should give first preference to members of their own race because they are of the same racial background.

7. The belief that one should deal cruelly or unfairly with other races because they are different in appearance and thought-processes.

The trouble with racism is that is ceases to look at human beings and individuals as human beings and individuals with thoughts, dreams, emotions and a need to find God. If Jesus were a racist, we couldn’t be saved. But he wasn’t. Jesus didn’t just die for the people of his own Jewish race, he died for the entire world, regardless of what race, class or creed they belong to.

Jesus doesn’t just answer the prayers of the Jewish Christians; He answers the prayers of all people, regardless of their race or color, as long as they earnestly believe in Him.

If Jesus were a racist, I probably wouldn’t be here today writing this article.


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