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Page First Published: March 10, 2014

Last updated: March 2, 2019 at 4:59 am

Patrick Carpen also writes in: Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and German.

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  1. I plan to merge the following sections: books adapted, books republished, books written, books translated and books recommended into one giant “books” section.
  2. A new services section will be added, which will showcase all services offered by Patrick Carpen, including but not limited to: Web Hosting Services, Website Design and Development Services, Facebook Advertising Services, Real Estate Services, Book Publishing Services, Printing Services, Editing and Proofreading Services and much more.
  3. I plan to launch a new “products” section which will showcase all products created by Patrick Carpen, including but not limited to: software products, herbal remedies, books, websites etc.
  4. World Affairs has been changed to “Our World.”
  5. Investment, Money and Finance will be renamed “Money, Investment and Financing.”
  6. English by Patrick Carpen, Countries of the World by Patrick Carpen and Guyana by Patrick Carpen are picking up steam.

A Personal Greeting from Patrick Carpen

Dear Valued Visitor,

My name is Patrick Carpen and I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to my personal website and blog. I have built it specifically for the eyes of a few special people and you’re one of them 🙂

On this website you will get the opportunity to learn a little bit about my life, work and special talents…click here to continue reading A Personal Greeting From Patrick Carpen…

Facebook Pages I Manage

Before I continue, let me take a minute to introduce you to all the Facebook Pages I created so that you can go over there right now and click the “Like” button (and why).

  1. Facebook.com/patrickvcarpen – First of all, that’s me – my personal Facebook Page. So if you like any of my products, go ahead and Like or Follow my Facebook Page to stay updated.
  2. Facebook.com/brazilianproductsworld – This is going to be huge. Did you know that Brazil produces some of the world’s most sought after products? Yes, and I’ve created this page to showcase the best of Brazilian products.
  3. Facebook.com/guyanasouthamerica – A little known tropical paradise, Guyana, in South America, has a lot to offer the world at large. I created the Guyana, South America Facebook Page to showcase some of Guyana’s tourist attractions to Facebook users, and more.
  4. Facebook.com/englishforcxc – I’m building a website to teach CXC English, and it comes fully outfitted with its own Facebook Page. Go to English for CXC to learn more…literally.
  5. Facebook.com/tourbrazilnow – What countries offers the kind of natural wonders that Brazil offers? Tour Brazil will take you there. Like my Facebook Page and then visit the website.
  6. Facebook.com/platinumrecipescollection – As I’ll tell you later, I’m collaborating with chefs from cuisine experts from around the world to create the world’s favorite Online Recipes Resource. www.platinumrecipescollection.com now has a corresponding Facebook Page.

Language Learning

cover Did you know that I speak several languages fluently? And I learned them in the most fun, easiest way imaginable. After getting frustrated with language courses and books that are so boring and just don’t deliver, I created the Patrick Carpen Language Learning System. And it can help you learn the language of your choice so fun and easily, you’ll be laughing all the way to the airport. Start Learning!

Learn Portuguese the Fun Way!

I promised you and it’s here! Now you can build up a Portuguese vocabulary in a remarkably short time using “Learn Portuguese the Fun Way.” This amazing program will have you speaking, reading, writing and listening to the Portuguese Language in the shortest time possible.Learn Portuguese the Fun Way uses a natural, fun and completely stress-free method of learning Portuguese. It teaches you to read one amazing, fun story after the other in the Portuguese Language. Start Learning.

General Articles

Here I cover a wide variety of subjects and topics, ranging from My Thoughts on the Secret to The Thin Line to The Good Life. Here I detail all my thoughts from How Did God Come About? to The Chicken and the Egg. Read, enjoy, laugh, learn, comment, share, like page…do all the fun stuff in General Articles by Patrick Carpen. Learn more…

Angela’s Lost Turtle

backcoverAngela’s Lost Turtle, my first children’s book, has been translated from English into German and Portuguese, and has gone around the world to become an international sensation. With 12 five-star ratings on Amazon.com and thousands of copies in print, Angela’s Lost Turtle is a book that, as one reviewer wrote “Every Child Will Love”. Learn More.

The Platinum Recipes Collection

Platinum Recipes CollectionWhy not build a recipes website? Why not? The Platinum Recipes Collection is not just another recipes website. It is an ongoing saga of food and cooking related content that will leave you dribbling. Learn why the Platinum Recipes Collection is truly platinum and why it will soon become a household name. And more importantly, learn why the Platinum Recipes Collection is right for you.

The Platinum Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipes Collection

volume one front cover

The Platinum Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipes Collection is the first in a series of cookbooks released by the Platinum Recipes Collection. But, as you’ll soon see, the Platinum Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipes Collection is not just about cooking: It’s about taste, class and an unparalleled attention to detail. Get your hands on the Platinum Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipes Collection and see, taste and feel the difference.

Brazilian Products

Did you know that Brazil produces some of the world’s best products? I’ll start with the Malbec Perfumes, but it doesn’t stop there. We supply everything from luxury products to household and nutrition products.

I’ve created the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/brazilianproductsworld to showcase some of the best Brazilian Products. In other words, “the best of the best.”

Visit my blog on Brazilian Products to dig even deeper: www.patrickcarpen.com/brazilian-roducts

Hinode Products

Hinode Products is one of Brazil’s largest perfume, cosmetics, fitness and well-being companies. With offices in almost every major city in Brazil, and an annual turnover that amounts to trillions of US dollars, Hinode Products is now going international. I’m the head of the Hinode’s soon-to-be launched Caribbean operations, and I’m developing and translating the English version of their website as an extension of patrickcarpen.com: www.patrickcarpen.com/hinode-gy

Real GY

Real GY is a product by Patrick Carpen. Now, buying and selling properties in Guyana has become a breeze. Buy or sell your property today…

Get Your Website Built Today

In today’s day and age, almost everyone needs a website, whether for business or personal use. Don’t get left behind. Let a team of professional web developers get on the job for you. Don’t settle for less, let PCTS (Patrick Carpen Technology Services) build you a professional looking website that does exactly what you want it to do. (Coming Soon)

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is taking over the world. That’s the good news, because Facebook advertising is skyrocketing businesses like never before. And the best part: Patrick Carpen is a Certified Facebook Advertising Professional. No matter what your business or service is, Facebook advertising can draw in the clients you need to succeed. Get started…


tree-rupununi What better land is there to make my passion than the land that gave me birth? I cover Guyana from all aspects: from history and culture to tourism and business opportunities. And in “Guyana by Patrick Carpen,” I combine my passion for writing with my patriotism for my own country.

I’ve created the Facebook Page: Guyana South America for the sole purpose of showcasing Guyana to the world: facebook.com/guyanasouthamerica

And my blog takes you a little bit deeper: www.patrickcarpen.com/guyana

Start tour…

English by Patrick Carpen

I don’t like English simply because I was good at in high school…or simply because it’s the world’s most popular and beautiful language…or because I’m so darn good at teaching it. I like it for all of those reasons and more: I have an unnatural natural ability in this language. If you want to learn English, learn English with Patrick Carpen. Regardless of your level of learning, there’s never a better way. Start learning…

I created the Facebook Page English for CXC especially for students studying for the CXC English Exams, but anyone can take advantage of the knowledge, excitement, romanticism and adventure contained in these amazing stories and explanations. Go to English for CXC Facebook Page.

The Humans

OK, I didn’t want to tell you so soon, but I’m not human. I’m an alien from outer space. I was sent by the Inter Galactic Peace Keeping Force (IGPK) to observe and report back human activities on earth.

Just kidding. But on the same comical note, I hope my sci-fi/comedy novel, “The Humans,” where I pretend to be an alien observing human life on earth, make you learn and laugh at the same time. (Coming Soon)

How To (Do Stuff)

girl-thinkingI’ve teamed up with thousands of experts the world over to bring you “how to”. Here you’ll find complete manuals on how to do just about anything you dreamed and never dreamed of. Most of them are not free, but trust me, you get what you pay for. Explore Now!

Poetry by Patrick Carpen

You’ve probably guessed it by now: Patrick Carpen is a world class poet. After all, he makes words do magic. Read some of of the poems of the greatest writer of all times. (Sorry for blowing my own trumpet; but it’s true.) Enjoy Now.

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