Introduction – Stories of my Life

Stories of my life? We all have stories of our lives don’t we? We all live, so we all have life experiences, and these life experiences often take the form of stories. Some of these stories are good, some are exciting, some are inspiring, some are instructional, and some are not so good at all.

There are all kinds of stories in life: some that we like, others that we do not like. Frankly speaking, there are some stories of my life that I don’t want think about, much less write about. The truth however, whether we like it or not, must sometimes be written.

In this part of my website, I will try to share stories that are simply everyday stories. Why? Because I hope that perhaps they will somehow entertain, amuse, inspire or inform the reader.

I’ve heard of a novel called “the story of my life”. I don’t know who is the author and I have never really read the novel myself. Maybe someday I will. In any case, the stories presented here are not an emulation of any previously published biographical work by any author whatsoever; and it is by no means a rival to V.S. Naipaul’s “Miguel Street”. In fact, nothing I write is a rival to anyone’s work, because when it comes to writing, as the song in the old television series “the Highander” goes, “I have no rival; no man can be my equal”.

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