Nature Girl

You’re paler than the winter;

With lips as red as crimson

The curves around your body

Set my desires on fire.


I can feel your heartbeat, though you’re so many miles away.

I can see your face next to mine.

Your skin is paler than the winter; lips as red as crimson.

Come to me, let me hold you, nature girl.


I’ve got wheels of thunder and the power of ten thousand horses;

I can cover any terrain in this steel monster.

You can hear my heart beating and my engine drumming.

I’m coming to get you nature girl.


You’re as wild as a deer and as free as a bird

You’re as colorful as a rainbow and as sweet as the sunset.

A little bit of silk and a little bit of glass

The curves on your body spark my wildest desires.


I’ve got the looks of an angel and the language of the gods.

And a steel cage on wheels designed to ensnare you.

I’ve got the music for your ears and the bank card for your desires

And the world’s finest mattress to lay you down on.


Nature girl you’ve been waiting…

For a long long time;

For the sound of my engine

Drumming around the bend.

For the smell rubber burning on the ground

For the sight of birds flying out of my path.


Your heart is beating faster, faster by the minute

You know I’m coming to get you, nature girl.

Sparks fly with screeching sound

Open the door, kiss me…nature girl.


You’ve been waiting for a long long time

And I’m finally here…

I hold you in my arms and you melt all over me

And now you can’t get enough of me, nature girl.


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