The End of the Humans

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nuclear war photoAs was revealed in my book “A Report on the Humans,” it is the policy of the Intergalactic Peace Keeping Force never to interfere with developing species but to let them develop in their own time by their own intelligence and discoveries.

However, my Report on the Humans has concluded that, without intervention by a superior intelligence, the humans will destroy themselves through nuclear warfare by the year 2093.

The following short story, entitled, “The End of the Humans,” details the war which will bring about the destruction of human life on earth…completely.

The End of the Humans – A Short Story by Patrick Carpen.

It was the year 2092. There had long been a lull of military conflicts among nations and tribes, and peace graced the earth like a waft of fresh breeze on the American prairies.

Trade between nations was becoming increasingly easier, and sanctions against many countries, including Venezuela and North Korea, had long been lifted after peace agreements. Syria had already been rebuilt and was one of the most successful economies.

The earth at that time was also greener than ever. Solar power technology was in full swing with solar panels that were 99% efficient and were sold a dime a dozen. A fully furnished modern home could have been easily powered night and day by a single solar panel of dimensions six feet by eight feet. Electric cars ran for thousands of miles with the ability to recharge both through its solar panel coating and at charging stations located everywhere.

Further, Tesla Electricity Generating Systems were perfected and released patent-free to the public. The world boomed through an ever-increasing bloom of renewal energy which pushed economies to dizzying heights.

Solar powered airplanes took the cost of air travel to an all-time low and travel across the globe became a walk in the park.

At that time, the United States Dollar had quadrupled in strength and stood boldly out against all other currencies.  The United States was not only still the world’s Super Power, but was ten times more powerful than it had ever been.

Everyone thought that world peace was finally a reality. But, as it happened in the peace-period between the first and second world wars, “the monster was only sleeping.” This surreal peace period was like the deafening silence that sometimes precede the impending avalanche. Indeed, deadly currents raged below the surface of this placid stream of tranquility.

Frustrated by Israel’s growing privileges and prowess backed by the United States, Iran was planning what it once threatened almost one century ago: a nuclear attack that would wipe Israel off the map.

Behind the smiling face of Iran’s government officials, the monster was at work. On July 23rd, 2092, at 10:49 A.M, Tehran launched its first and last nuclear offensive against Israel: a nuclear missile aimed at the heart of Tel Aviv.

This was the attack that would trigger a chain reaction that would leave the earth devastated and lifeless.

There was nothing unusual about this Wednesday morning in the land of Israel. Children were at school as usual. Construction workers were hard at work. Teachers were busy in the classroom. Traders and office workers were at their desks and scientists were busy in the lab.

Between the high towers and down the narrow streets of Israel’s capital, a narrow wind brushed a fallen leaf. In the country birds chirped a soft melody as they fluttered from branch to branch.

Israel’s defense Minister was about to sip his coffee when he felt it rattled on his desk. He watch marked 10:50 A.M. At first, he, and everyone else thought it was an earthquake. At 10:51, a tiny crack ran through the glass panes of the window, and a screaming sound became audible.

It was then that Dolly sprang into action. Dolly was Israel’s defense technology that was designed to detect and shoot down any foreign object invading and threatening Israel’s airspace. Dolly was quick to recognize the nuclear missile headed to Tel Aviv. As the nuclear missile shot across the skies of Tel Aviv and was about to make its descent into the capital, Dolly registered its weight, speed and direction of movement. In less that 1/40 of a second, Dolly fired a rocket at the shooting missile that not only hit it, but vaporized it.

Iran waiting anxiously to see the explosion of Israel, but seeing that nothing was happening, except for a strange cloud of smoke in the air above the capital, they became confused, anxious, agitated and started to panic. Tehran’s Minister, sensing what had just happened, knew that Israel would soon respond.

They scrambled to aim all nuclear weapons at Israel and fire. At directly 11:00 on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2092, Iran’s nuclear missiles system were completely locked and ready to fire.

But Israel had already responded. And just as the Iranian Defense Minister was about to give the command to “fire,” Israel’s nuclear warheads landed in Iran. And there was fire. The whole country of Iran was wiped off the map completely. All that could be seen from the mountain tops were fire and smoke.

Turkey was the first to declare war against Israel and launch another nuclear missile against it in an attack which would once again prove futile. Israel returned fire and blew Turkey off the map. At the same time, it was Thanksgiving in the United States and everyone thought it was a joke when the people said, “roast turkey, anyone?”

The entire Arab World then aligned themselves and joined hands to declare war against Israel, forming what was then called the “United Arab Nations.” Not too long after, the skies were dotted with military jets. The earth was strewn  with anti-aircraft fire and nuclear arsenals were locked and ready to fire.

Given the callous nature of the humans, no one paid attention to the death and suffering brought on by the war. The earth was tinted red and strewn with human body parts.

The United States then declared its support for Israel. All military stations were put on high alert. All US Army Reserves were called in for service. Supersonic jets from the United States Air Force carrying weapons of devastation screamed across the skies like angry hawks. Within three days, they started firing at the United Arab Nations.

This attack by the United States against the United Arab Nations infuriated the United Kingdom who called on them to stop immediately. But the United States only laughed at the warning as they continued bombing the United Arab Nations.

The United Kingdom then declared war against the United States. It called on the crown territory, Canada, to join in the war. Canada seemed to have no option than to heed the call of the Motherland.

Russia, who had long forged a strong bond with the United States since the time of Donald Trump, called on the United Nations to stand down its forces.

But the United Nations and Canada only turned a deaf air. They attacked American air forces from all directions prompting a cry for help from ally Russia.

As Russia prepared to stand against the United Kingdom and Canada, China entered the war on the side of the United Arab Nations. Chinese air technology greatly overpowered and outnumbered those of all other nations. The sheer force and number of Chinese Air Technology caused the United States and Russia to buckle. US jets were shot out of the sky like raindrops on a cloudy day.

In all this, the Holy Land of Israel remained unscathed due to its advanced defense technology.

Within three weeks of China entering the war, Israeli scientists invented a techonlogy that was used to confuse Chinese  Air Forces and caused them to fire at their own jets.

Japan then backed China and the UK, and, together with the United Arab Nations, plummeted US and Russian forces.

India then joined the war in support of the United States, but was not able to turn the tides. The military power of the United States and its allies continued to dwindle under heavy attacks from enemy forces.

On January 4th, 2093, the United States President gave the order to use long range nuclear missiles. The first one was aimed at Syria. The result was devastating: an entire nation gone up in smokes.

As the United States prepared to fire the second missile, Germany entered the war against the United States and Russia. In a bid to stop another devastating nuclear attack from the United States, Germany’s long range nuclear missiles struck Washington and blew it to ashes, killing the United States President and leaving the US without a command center. As he fell to the ground dying, the US President mumbled, “long live the United….” But he didn’t have time to complete his sentence so no one will ever know if he meant United States, United Kingdom or United Arab Nations.

Just then, the tiny South American country Guyana decided to play a part in the war and the President decided to donate 3 million barrels of oil to help fund Russia and the US. But the Russian President told the Guyanese President not to send his troops because this was no laughing matter.

Taking advantage of the distraction, Venezuelan troops stormed Guyana and took control of Georgetown. They gave the Guyanese President the job to clean and cook and the Minister of Natural Resources’ duty was to clear the driveway, because, as the Venezuelan President said, it was time for them to “pay for their wickedness.”

The Guyanese President then cried out to the Brazilian President for help like he had promised so many decades ago, but the Brazilian President was too absorbed with talks with the United Kingdom on how to defeat the United States, Russia and Israel.

Just then, Russian troops screamed over Brazil’s Federal District and bombed the capital.

Brazil’s full military power and prowess then came into play as all states from Roraima to Sao Paulo flexed their military muscles in preparation to attack the United States and Russia.

And having no control center, the United States had no idea what hit them. All they kept hearing was “fogo! rapido!” as these strange military jets with a green and yellow flag left devastation in their wake from New York to California.

Soon, every country took sides in the war, releasing nuclear weapons like fireworks on a 4th of July celebration. Canning factories were turned into gun factories. Ford adapted all its car factories to manufacture military aircraft and war tanks.

Soon the earth could no longer bear the heat emerging above it. And that was the end of human life on earth.

Nature somehow survived long after all humans were gone. And hundreds of years after, among green fields, beautiful pastures and lively streams, “there came soft rains and the smell of the ground.”

About 200 years before the war, and long before the advent of nuclear technology, American poet Sara Teasdale wrote this poem:

There Will Come Soft Rains

Sara Teasdale, 18841933

There will come soft rains and the smell of the ground, 
And swallows circling with their shimmering sound;

And frogs in the pools singing at night,
And wild plum trees in tremulous white,

Robins will wear their feathery fire
Whistling their whims on a low fence-wire;

And not one will know of the war, not one
Will care at last when it is done.

Not one would mind, neither bird nor tree
If mankind perished utterly;

And Spring herself, when she woke at dawn,
Would scarcely know that we were gone.

Could this have been the prediction of the nuclear war?

What are possible themes from the poem and story?

  1. Humans, if they continue in their current pattern of aggression and violence will ultimately destroy themselves.
  2. Humans are callous and destructive by nature.
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