How It Should Have Been – a Teenage Trauma Story

The youth was barely 19 years old. He was strong and handsome, and full of dreams. And he had the means to make those dreams possible. He was ambitious, daring, and full of positive energy. But he was also being preyed on by envious eyes from all sides. He survived traps, stumbling blocks and nonconstructive criticism. This youth dreamed of being a writer, and he’s writing the story you’re reading now.

On that fateful afternoon, as the youth walked into the yard where he lived, he heard scrambling sounds upstairs of persons locking doors, running from one room to the other, and whispering among themselves. Then he heard his sister whispering under her breath, “he’s coming, he’s coming!”

The strong and handsome youth did not know what to expect. He walked into the house and cautiously ascended the stairs. The hall was empty. Then his bedroom door swung open. His dad and sister appeared. Their eyes were bright and reflected joy. They beckoned him into the room. “We bought you something,” his sister said gleefully as she showed him a computer desk with a computer covered in a dust proof cloth.

With careful hands he uncovered the computer. It was a beautiful desktop. Just what he needed. It was modern, and it was sitting on a state of the art computer desk. It came equipped with printer and external hard drive. “We know you want to become a writer son,” his dad said. “So we summed our money and bought you this.”

The boy was speechless. He couldn’t catch his breath. He realized that it probably took his dad and sister three months of their salaries combined to buy this piece of equipment for him…both the machine and the desk on which it lay. But he was further startled to hear his sister say, “but that’s not all!”


“We’ve bought you a writing course…the one you’ve always dreamed of…from the writer’s bureau!” His sister then pulled out the receipt and welcome letter from the draw. He would start receiving his first course modules in a few weeks.

“And that’s not all,” his dad said. “We’re here to help you each step of the way. Each night we’ll give you a short vocabulary exercise. We’ll also help proofread your work, and help you write whenever you can. One day, you’ll become a great writer!”

This story is an example of a beautiful family, sibling love, and good people who sow positive seeds knowing they will reap them in return. For me, this is a fantasy story. It is a story that should have been, and the kind of setting I wish my own children to grow up in. The one I experienced was something different. Something terrible. The reality I experienced that night was one of lies, betrayal, violence and damaging psychological trauma. The perpetrators begged for forgiveness decades later. I forgive them. I’ve always had, but that doesn’t mean giving them more opportunities to harm me.

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