Introduction: People I’ve Met

Some people amaze me, others amuse me. There are all kinds and varieties of people in the world around us, and here I would like to describe my experiences with some of the most striking people I’ve ever encountered. Whether these people are striking in a good way or a bad way is another story entirely.

The world is full of people and more and more are born everyday. After all, people make the world go ’round.

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In some cases, the names of some of the persons featured here have been changed for privacy reasons. Where the person gives approval, the real name may be used. And also, where approval is given, a photo or photos of the person may be posted.

People have all kinds of inherent dispositions. Their perceptions of life; their attitude to work, God, war and peace are wide and varied. People live by all kinds of different philosophies, and I’ll try to outline some of my most striking observations here.

Keep reading. I’m sure you’ll learn something.

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