Patrick Carpen Welcomes You To His Personal Website

Last updated: January 6, 2018 at 9:33 am

list photoI was inspired to create a “list of” products and services by keyword or categories after I realized that it would be useful to researchers.

Today, there are so many competitive products and services on the market, that it is difficult to decide what’s best for you. What’s more, affiliate marketers often review a handful of products or services in a particular for which they can earn a commission, confining the reader to select from these few options.

But what if they reader could choose for himself? What if you saw straightway a full list of each product or service for a particular keyword or category? Wouldn’t that broaden his horizon and make him better able to choose?

For example, instead of a review of a handful of “dating sites” out there, how about a full list of all the substantial dating sites on the internet?

How about a list of all the flower delivery services, a list of all the online money transfer services, payment processors, etc?

Yes, I think that “list of” greatly equips and empowers the researchers to make a better choice.

Have fun with “list of” by Patrick Carpen.

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