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Published: 13th of September, 2023

Last updated: September 13, 2023 at 11:50 am

Work is work? Upon reading that headline, you may be asking yourself, “what exactly is this guy trying to say?” After all, everybody knows that “work” is “work.”

While that is true, unfortunately, some societies have divided work into different categories. You may have heard talk about “upper class work,” “lower class work,” “educated work,” and “uneducated work.” Because of this “caste system mentality,” people sometimes feel ashamed to go to work. Some societies even look down on the working class, so people who hold a steady job are made to feel inferior to those who have their own businesses or who have enough money to give them a full time holiday.

At the age of 16, right after high school, I went to work in a local bakery. Many people in my neighborhood were astonished since they knew I was an educated lad. Why would I choose “that kind of work.” I came under great societal pressure to quit, but I didn’t. I stayed on for six months. I wished I had stayed longer because I learned so much from that job in just six months, and working there empowered me with skills, knowledge, and abilities that helped me greatly throughout my life.

Throughout my life so far, I’ve engaged in a wide variety of jobs, work, and “hustles.” From selling perfumes to teaching English to working as a driver, I’ve done it all. I’ve even managed a restaurant one time that saw me mopping the floor in the mornings.

Not everyone has a straightforward life. To those who do, congratulations. But many people have to latch on to all kinds of works and hustles in order to reach their goals and ambitions in life. Through it all, I’ve had a lot of fun. I’ve gained a lot of experiences, and I have a lot of stories to write.

As humans, we should try our best to rid ourselves of the caste system mentality. It’s backward and unproductive. Remember that work is work. Once you’re doing something that serves the community or the people of your community, and getting paid for it, you’re doing something great. The only “lower class work,” is stealing, robbing, and harming people for material gain.

Work hard, work honestly, work outside of the caste system mentality. And through it all, try your best to find your passion.

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