Brazil Helps, Guyana Hurts

Last updated: January 18, 2018 at 6:01 am

venezuela photoAt the time of this writing, January 18th, 2018, Venezuela is going through the worst political crisis in its history. Millions of Venezuelans are fleeing political persecution, violence and starvation. The Venezuelan Government is currently blocking all humanitarian aid from entering the country. This is the political crisis which is currently brewing on a nation that is crumbling.

I wrote in a previous article how Brazil is helping millions of displaced Venezuelan refugees everyday. And you can read about the kindness of the Brazilian government in an article I translated from a Brazilian news source here:

Brazil Helps Millions of Displaced Venezuelans

Brazil has already passed a law that grants refugee status to every Venezuelan escaping the crisis in Venezuela. No Brazilian law enforcement officer is obligated to arrest or deport any Venezuelan except in the case of criminal activities. Everyday, thousands of Venezuelans are processed and granted official documents to live and work in Brazil. Some are given shelter and employment by families, businesses both large and small and religious organizations.

On the other hand, I was extremely disturbed to read a news article on Guyanese Media about the way the law enforcement officials are treating Venezuelan refugees. In a recent police operation that was labeled a “crackdown,” the law enforcement officials were lauded for arresting and charging several Venezuelan nationals for being in the country illegally. They were slapped charges of $30,000.00 or weeks in prison.

This is as shameful and inhuman as it can get. These are people who are seeking refuge from hunger and violence and this is the way you treat them? It is especially shameful for a government which professes to live by Christian standards since the Bible commands us to help the poor and suffering.

Where will these people find $30,000.00 to pay the court? They come as refugees to your country to seek help and you throw them into prison?

The least you can do Guyana, is put the people on a bus or plane to Brazil. They will find a refuge here.

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