Real or Video Game?

I recently viewed a video on Facebook that was so spectacular that I questioned whether it was even real. The video depicted a motorcycle rider blazing through traffic on a congested highway at unbelievable speeds.

The risks involved were breathtaking and although it kind of reminded me of some of the stupid things I had done with motor vehicles in my “younger” days, this was something that I would “never” try at home.

To summarize the whole matter, the stunt was so daring, that it begs the question, “is this real?” Some commentators on Facebook agreed that it was real, but some suggested that it was just a clip from the video game, “Traffic Rider.”

Before we go on to examine if the video is fake or real, take a look at the amazing “performance” yourself.

Whew! Now that blew you away! Didn’t it? So is it real? Let’s take a look.

After examining the video from various angles, I have reason to believe that this was an actual ride through traffic, and not virtual reality! Here are my reasons.

First of all, the video looks “all to real” to be fake. The roads, the vehicles, the sign boards, the lights…are all too realistic and unlikely something created in a video game.

Secondly, the shadows cast on the road are too realistic and would be difficult to replicate in a video game.

Thirdly, you can see life-like events during the ride, such as a man’s head in one of the cars and someone holding a cellphone in another.

These, and other factors, lead to believe that this is indeed a video of a real life daredevil, and not some video game. Further, if you check out the guy’s Facebook Page, you’ll see that he is indeed a biker and a bike “fanatic.”

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So what do you think about this video? Is it real or fake? And why do you think so? Tell us in the comments section below.

Of course, I wouldn’t blame you if you thought it was fake, because, I do believe the performance is “somewhat unbelievable.”

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