Empire Intense – Men’s Cologne

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Empire Intense – 100ml, a men’s fragrance, is an all time favorite among both men and women.

A fragrance outstanding and unique: Empire Intense perfectly defines the profile of the determined man who knows where he’s going. Empire Intense: made for men who build the future.

Did you know that Brazil produces some of the world’s best fragrances? Yes, it’s true! And Empire Intense by Hinode Products is living proof of this.

Empire Intense – 100ml, is a men’s cologne that has earned a top place in the favorites list of perfume aficionados worldwide.

And now, you too can experience its power for yourself.

We’re looking for importers/agents/distributors of this No. 1 Fragrance in all countries.

Empire Intense Vs. Kaiak

As you may or may not know, Kaiak by Natura Products is one of the most popular Brazilian men’s cologne out there. However, in a recent survey, 99% of our customers who used both products reported that Empire Intense is just as great or even better! Of course, if you are interested in the Kaiak brand by Natura, we have that ready to ship too!

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