The Art of Getting Money by P.T Barnum

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Last updated: July 23, 2018 at 23:53 pm

money photoHaving just completed a long awaited language course for Brazilian called “Aprenda Ingles Com Patrick Carpen,” which translates to “Learn English with Patrick Carpen,” I was now tasked with the responsibility of “committing” a marketing success for this book.

Indeed, I already had a marketing plan and a business idea. I had already met with mild to moderate success: 9 out of 10 Brazilian that I explained my learning method to bought the book, and some reported that they absolutely loved it.

But it was time to take the next step. It was time to start traveling across Brazil and promoting my book. I decided to search the internet for some books on “confidence, success, money and business.”

Indeed, at this juncture, I could do with some reinforcement on “how to harness of power of confidence to succeed and make money in business.”

I stumbled upon P.T Barnum’s self-improvement “The Art of Getting Money.” Indeed I absolutely loved the book so I decided to republish here for all to read.

P.T. Barnum was an American businessman, writer, politician and actor who lived in the 1800s.

Have fun reading, “The Art of Getting Money,” by P.T Barnum, and do learn something!

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