The Stone that the Builders Rejected

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In the book of Psalms, David writes “The stone that the builders refused, is now the Chief Cornerstone, this the the Lord’s doing, it is good in our sight”.

Biblical scholars agree that this verse may be a prophecy of and reference to Jesus Christ, or Lord and Savior. He was rejected by the Jews and crucified. But He was later raised from the dead and is now God’s Chief Corner Stone. Aside from this, there are other valuable life lessons that can be inferred from the above verse. Let’s examine one of them.

Be Patient And Trust In God

Looks can be deceiving–that is a fact of life–and very deceiving at that. A person who appears strong may be very weak and a person who appears weak may be strong.

People who appear to be prospering may at times be heading down the wrong road, as it says ‘I have seen the wicked increasing and spreading himself as a green bay tree…but I came back and couldn’t find him….’

The list goes on and on. However, looks are not always deceiving, but they sometimes may be. Of courses, looks or appearances are often there to let us know how things actually are. A lot of the times, they represent reality. Sometimes they do not.

This brings us to the stone that the builders have refused. In Psalms, David says ‘the stone that the builders refused is now the chief cornerstone. This is God’s doing. It is good in our sight.’

Does God have a desire to confuse and confound people? He may at times. But in this case, His intention is not to confound or confuse. As the verse suggests, a person who may have been rejected in the past for a particular role or duty may very well be the most fitting person for that same role or duty some time in the future. ‘This is God’s doing, it is good in our eyes’.

This may be because God is now ‘molding’ this person slowly, carefully, but surely to be a ‘vessel of glory’. Because the person is now in the molding stage and is not yet ready, many people may look down on that person, but only for a while, and a short while.

Very soon, God’s work is complete and ‘the stone that the builders refused becomes the chief cornerstone’.

Always remember the good old song ‘Thou art the potter, Lord, I am the clay. Make me, Lord mold me, after thy will’.

If God is molding you, be patient. Have confidence in the Lord and He will bring your dreams to reality.

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From the book “Drawing Power from God’s Words” by Patrick Carpen

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