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ark photoNoah of the bible refers mostly to the righteous man who found favor in the eyes of God during the early days after creation.

It is written that “God saw the wickedness that was wrought on the face of the earth, and He repented that He had created man.”

God then purposed to destroy the earth and all living things on the face of the earth; but Noah found grace in the sight of God because he was an upright man: walking the fear of the Lord.

God then instructed Noah to build a huge ark and He gave him specifications as to the length, breadth and height of the ark, and in what manner the ark should be built. God also instructed Noah to take two of every creature of the earth into the ark that they may be saved from the flood waters which was to come to destroy the earth.

Noah, his wife, his three sons, and the wives of his sons entered the ark at the appointed time and God Himself shut the door of the ark, so that it could not be opened by the hand of man.

Then God opened the windows of heaven and the rain poured heavily on the face of the earth until the mountains were covered with water. All land creatures and all human beings, except Noah, his wives, his sons, and his sons’ wives, were killed in the flood which overtook the whole earth.

It rained for forty days and forty nights and then the rains ceased and the waters started to recede. The ark eventually rested on the top of a mountain.

When the waters of the earth dried up and the earth once again became habitable, Noah, his family and all the creatures went out of the ark and started to make a living on the earth. The entire population of the earth today was to spring from Noah’s sons and their wives and their offsprings.

Noah then built an altar and offered a burnt offering of animals to God. It is written that “a sweet aroma went up to the Lord and it pleased God greatly.”

God then promised never again to destroy the earth by floodwater nor to curse the earth for man’s sake.

He set the rainbow which comes on cloudy days as a sign and reminder that He will never again destroy the earth by a flood.

Noah lived for over nine hundred years and died and was buried.

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