The Lost Duckling

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One morning, when I was about ten years old, as I was exiting my yard, I heard some strange sounds coming from some clumps of bushes in front of the yard. It sounded like a duck crying in distress.

Upon investigation, I found that it was a little duckling trapped among the bushes. I put a small board across the drain and walked over and carefully took hold of the animal. It was such a cute duckling.

I took it and locked it up where I thought it would be safe from the dogs in the yard. I put some food and water for it.

When I came back home that afternoon, I looked for the duckling, but it was not there. It had escaped. I had no idea where it had gone. Evidently, the duckling was not eaten by predators as I would have seen evidence such as feathers around the yard.

A deep sadness overcame me suddenly, when I thought that I might never find my little duckling again. It lasted several days. It was amazing how quickly I had bonded with my little pet.

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