Fishing with Danie

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Meet Danie Kruger. He will take you on an out-of-this-world fishing experience.

Danie Kruger holding up a catch. See below for more pictures.

Start Your Fishing Adventures With Danie Today, CONTACT:
Telephone: (+592) 673-9428 (Whatsapp Available)


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Our campsites are nestled on a wide oped beach on the banks of the Mighty Essequibo River. Camp consists of luxurious, spacious cabin tents per individual with a bed and mattress. We have a fully functional safari style kitchen preparing 5 star meals three times a day and a fully equiped safari style washroom with shower and flushing toilet. Our campsites is situated 70 miles downriver from Fairview village past the Supuruni river mouth, surrounded by cascading rapids and fast moving white waters.
We target some of the biggest species the Amazon Jungle has on offer including bu not limited to Piraiba up to 400Lbs, Redtail Catfish, Jau, Tiger fish, Jundia, Barbado, Pescada, Pacu, Yellow peacock bass, Payara, Bicuda, Wolf fish, Stingrays etc.
99% of the fish caugh on our expeditions are on a strict catch and release basis as we are strong believers in conservation for the future generations to come
We offer our expeditions in both a 6 and 9 day package on the Essequibo river. Alternatively we also have a day and overnight trip on the Pomeroon River. For any questions, pricing, details etc feel free to contact me at any time. +592 6739428


If you like fishing, you’ll love Danie Kruger. – A personal recommendation by Patrick Carpen.

Big fish caught by Danie.

Danie holds up a black piranha.

Danie on a boat ride.

Danie serves breakfast.

Danie helps a fish back into the water.

Danie’s fishing rod.

Danie and his friends pose for a group photo.

Danie having breakfast with a guest.

Danie hunting tarpons near the river.

Danie sports a leopard cat fish.

Danie in for a long canoe ride.

Danie poses in the water with a huge fish.

Danie sports a Paraiba.

Danie’s guest sports a Paraiba.

Danie holds up a Payara caught in the Essequibo River.

Pilot Danie.

Danie the pilot.

Danie plays with a little fish.

Danie returns a fish to the water.

Danie captures the scenic riverside view.

Sailing down the river.

Outdoor camping tents.

Danie sports a small Jau.

Danie smiles in the canoe.

Danie holds up a yellow peacock bass fish caught in the Essequibo River.

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