Lesson Five: The Flower Garden

Sally loved flowers. She loved all colors of flowers: red flowers, blue flowers, yellow flowers…and the list goes on. She loved all sizes of flowers: big flowers, small flowers, medium-sized flowers…and the list…yes…goes on! Sally also loved all kinds of flowers; she loved hibiscuses, roses, periwinkles, buttercups…and…you guessed it…the list goes on.

Not surprisingly, Sally planted many beautiful flower plants in a garden in front of her yard. Many people would stop to admire Sally’s flower plants. Sally used a hose with a sprinkler at the end to water her flower plants. The entire village agreed that Sally’s flower garden was the best they had ever seen.

Rewrite the paragraph above, replacing the words or phrases in bold with a suitable word or phrase from the lists below.

Loved: adored, worshiped, was passionate about, marveled at, idolized

Big: large, full-sized, huge, gigantic, immense, great, enormous, massive

Small: little, minute, tiny, miniature, petite, undersized

Medium: average, intermediate, middle, standard, in-between, fair

Kinds: types, sorts, classes, varieties, brands, categories, selections, assortments

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