Lesson Two: A day At The Beach – Part Two

Last Sunday, at around 3:00 p.m., my buddy Jason and I headed off to the beach. It was swarming. There were countless people there. We had a grueling time making our way through the crowd. Suddenly, we spotted our friend Tim. We walked in his direction, but at the same time, Jack hailed us from the back. We turned around. Jack offered us two beers. When we turned back, Tim was no longer there. We had a good time at the beach that day.


Rewrite the paragraph above, replacing the words or phrases in bold with a suitable word or phrase from the lists below.

Suddenly: all of a sudden, out of the blue, unexpectedly, without a warning, from nowhere

Spotted: perceived, observed, distinguished, made out, caught sight of, sighted, glimpsed, noticed, saw

Walked: sauntered, strolled, ambled, marched, strode, paced, hiked, toddled, tottered, staggered, moved, went

At the same time: just then, presently, at that point in time, at that moment

Hailed: yelled for, called to, shouted for, waved to, summoned, cried for

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