Lesson Eleven – John the Gardener – Part Four

John loved gardening, even as a child. He was always planting something here, something there, and something everywhere. John was only nine years old, but he was skilled at handling the shovel, hoe, and a soil tiller. For his birthday, John’s father bought him a box of seeds. John could not have received a better gift. His mother gave him a box of gardening gloves. John was equally excited about this gift as well. This year, John created a vegetable garden in his backyard. He used a fork to loosen the soil. He used a shovel to create drains between the garden beds, and he used boards to box off the garden beds. Within a few months, John created a thriving garden that produced loads of vegetables.

Rewrite the paragraph above, replacing the words in bold with a suitable word or phrase from the lists below.

Created:  designed, conceived, set up, started, founded, originated, built, produced, generated, fashioned, formed, crafted, made, invented, initiated

Loosen: relax, lax, decompress, distend, till, plow, turn over, dig

Soil: earth, ground, loam, mud, top soil

Drain: dividers, partitions, divisions, rift, split, segregation,

Between: linking, amidst, among, in the middle of, along the course of

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