Lesson Eight: John the Gardener

John loved gardening, even as a child. He was always planting something here, something there, and something everywhere. John was only nine years old, but he was skilled at handling the shovel, hoe, and a soil tiller. For his birthday, John’s father bought him a box of seeds. John could not have received a better gift. His mother gave him a box of gardening gloves. John was equally excited about this gift as well. This year, John created a vegetable garden in his backyard. He used a fork to loosen the soil. He used a shovel to create drains between the garden beds, and he used boards to box off the garden beds. Within a few months, John created a thriving garden that produced loads of vegetables.

Rewrite or reread the paragraph above, replacing the words or phrases in bold with a suitable word or phrase from the lists below.

Gardening: cultivation, crop growing, farming, agriculture

Child: youngster, young person, kid

Always: forever, for all time, for eternity, at all times, all the time, constantly, continuously, permanently, continually, each time, every time, regularly, frequently, persistently, relentlessly, incessantly, ceaselessly, unremittingly, inexorably, obstinately, adamnatly, determinedly, resonately

Something: a bit, a tad, a spot, a little, a touch

Everywhere: all over the place, all over, far and wide, in all places, the world over

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