My Search for a Good Web Hosting Company

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web photoIf you’ve found a really good web hosting company for your web project, you’ve found gold, and that’s what Leasehost is. – Patrick Carpen.

Today, there are literally thousands of web hosting companies out there, and everyone will have their own opinions about the merits and demerits of these web hosting companies. I don’t have time to create comparison tables of “hosts” of web hosting companies. I’ll cut straight to the point: Leasehost is the best web hosting company by far and will always be, in my humble opinion.

Take it from someone who has been building websites for decades, and someone who has researched for hours upon hours to find the right web hosting company.

Why is a good webhost important? One of the main reasons is that downtime can cost you money both directly and indirectly. Here’s my story.

Once upon a time, I decided to become an internet entrepreneur. It all started with Stone Evan’s Scam “Plug in Profit Website,” and the flimsy pyramid scheme “”

I’ll tell you all about these “early days on the net, Stone Evans and his support staff the lying Patricia” later. For now, let’s stick to the bubbling question of how to choose the right web hosting company and my story on my search for a good web hosting company.

To give you a little background information, I started my journey to internet entrepreneurship with Stone Evans’ rip off “Plug in Profit Pyramid Program.” However, I am thankful for the really awesome videos on how to build a basic website that I found on the program. Coming back to that and the “Empowerism screw up with Janet” later on.

Stone Evans requested that I join the hosting company “Host4profit,” which was a webhost company that offered an MLM program with their hosting service. That is, you host, then refer people and earn money, and even earn money from people they refer…and so on and so on…up to five levels deep.

So I joined. It turned out to be a great hosting company. I mean, I put a lot of data up on my site and had a lot of traffic and experienced very little downtime that I knew of, if any at all.

Nevertheless, being a novice in the business, I started looking for a cheaper web host, because, back in those early days (around 2006), I was paying Host4profit about 70 USD per month. I did some research and turned up “Hostgator,” which claimed to “eat up the competition.”

It all seemed fine and dandy and I was migrated to them. I was now paying a much smaller hosting fee: about 7 USD per month. Well it all seemed fine and dandy until one day I found my website wasn’t loading. When I contacted hostgator support, they told me that my hosting package can only handle 2000 visitors per month! Whew hew!

So that day, instead of upgrading, I started looking for another webhost. After much research, I turned up “Rackspace Cloud: Home of Fanatical Support.” They too seemed all fine and dandy and promised me that with cloud hosting my charges will be adjusted if my website exceeds its limits, and that way, my sites would never go down. I started with the 100 USD per month package, and yes, I admit that I wasn’t being too economical. I must admit too that the Rackspace Hosting was exceptional: fast loading speed and very little, if any, downtime.

That seemed all fine and dandy too except that one day, I hired a developer do some work on my site and we both realized that there was no cpanel access. When I wrote support, they said they do not offer cpanel access. I started to research for a new host, and this was in the year 2013. By then, a lot had changed in the hosting industry. That is, even the smallest introductory packages were offering “unlimited bandwidth and diskspace.” Also, the price was now much lower.

I left the Rackspace cloud but learned shortly after that they started to offer cpanel access to all their customers. Upon researching and researching, I came across GVO Hosting. And listen, I must tell you how hard it is to find a reliable host and how hard it is to choose the right one. This is because they all make extraodinary claims on their sales page. Most of them don’t live up to those claims! Some of them are outright liars!

Anyways, after extensive research, I decided to settle for the 7.99 package because their sales chat person told me that “we do not care about the bandwidth and diskspace, it is unlimited.” That sounded all fine and dandy and I soon migrated my site ( over.

Everything went well with them for about 4 years: 2013 – 2017. During those years, my site was receiving very light traffic, due to the fact that I had lost my high traffic site in a freak accident, which I will write about later.

Anyways, sometime in 2017, after traffic started to build up to my first site:, and my personal blog:, I noticed my sites were going down much more than expected. I wrote GVO support about this several times, and they quickly apologized and promised that it won’t happen again. My sites were only down for a few minutes at a time after that.

However, one night, I was a hotel and I couldn’t access my sites; neither could I access GVO’s website. When I went home, I emailed them about this, and to make a long story short, they told me that the ISP is blocked by their servers, and for some reason, which I still don’t understand, they couldn’t unblock it. The same incident happened at a second hotel.

It happened again at a third location, however, they informed me that the third IP wasn’t blocked and asked me to do a tracert and send them the results. I followed these instructions and soon found that I could access my site from that location. Apparently, they did some tweaking.

But then I started to reason to myself: if I’ve been to two places and found my sites can’t load, how many other places in the world there might be, that I don’t know, where my sites might not be accessible. Further, when checking my traffic stats, I would see indications on many occasions where my pages don’t load. I decided to do some research on “top web hosts.” I discovered that my host never made the top ten list of any reviewer. This did set off some alarm bells in my head, but on this note, I want to warn everyone who’s searching for a good webhost: MANY hosting review sites are dishonest. I will detail my experience with fastcomet, together with all correspondences so you can judge for yourself.

Now, as I’m writing this article, I narrowed my search down to A2 hosting. Many sites recommend hostgator, but hostgator puts a cap on monthly traffic, although they say “unmetered bandwidth and diskspace,” if you question their sales support properly, they will admit that.

Listen, I’m not getting millions of visitors per month, but I do dream big, and I hope that “when,” not “if” my sites start to pull in millions of visitors per month, that my host can handle, or offer me a reasonable (not unreasonable) upgrade package.

After researching extensively, and going through many of these hosting advice sites, I decided that A2 is the best choice for me. I rate it better than Hostgator, 1&1, bluehost, siteground, fathosting, and many of these companies which turn up in the top 10 or 20 in hosting recommendations site, but that’s my personal opinion, after doing proper research of course.

What’s more is that they offered free migration services, which bluehost charged150 USD for. Their load speed is awesome and their claim of unlimited traffic and diskspace and 99.9% is believable.

I tried A2 hosting, and they too turned out to be a disappointment in a lot of ways.

My searched continued until I finally hit upon a start up hosting company. The sales support answered all my questions even when I was being difficult. They were the only one to explain what unlimited bandwidth really means: if I get more than 300,000 requests per second, my site would start to throttle, and the limitation is per cpanel.

After receiving exceptional communication from this hosting company, I decided to take the leap. Their service and response time is second to none. I’m not saying this because they’re my hosting company. I’m saying this because this company delivers.

My site so far has handled all the traffic coming its way and has experienced little to no downtime. This is the one web hosting company, after years of searching, that I can truly recommend, and I hope that they maintain their high quality service.

Caution: Mochahost claims to have 100% uptime, but if you believe this lie, you won’t be the last one laughing!

Hope I helped you in your search for a good web hosting company.

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