Integrating a Facebook Page Into Your WordPress Website

Last updated: August 7, 2018 at 2:11 am


So, earlier, we were talking about integrating a Facebook Page into our WordPress website when you discussed how that was done using a widget.

But when you looked into the widget area, there was no such widget. Then we discussed that in order for the widget to appear, we needed to install a plugin. That plugin is Jetpack. So, we went about installing and configuring the Jetpack plugin and here again to try integrating a Facebook Page into our WordPress Website.

Now this tutorial assumes that you already have a Facebook page that you would like to integrate into your website. That is, people can go straight to your Facebook Page by clicking a button.

If you don’t already have a Facebook, or you don’t know what a Facebook Page is, read my articles on Facebook Pages and how to create them. Or contact me and let me know you are stuck and would like help in learning more about Facebook Page.

But, this tutorial, like I said, assumes that you already have a Facebook Page or know how to create one.

Well, I do have a Facebook for the business that I am building a website for: the Amazonas Hotel in Lethem. And the direct link to that Facebook Page is:

So let’s go back to our Dashboard and click on Appearances >> Widgets and drag and drop the Facebook Page Integration Box into the left hand column widget area.

As you can see, our Facebook Widget has now appeared. So let’s drag it and drop into the the left column widget area. This actually has a slightly different name in the Widgets Dashboard, but that’s easy to figure out.

As you can see, I’ve dropped widget into the left column widget area, and it automatically opens up a set of options for me to configure. First thing it asks for is title.

So, I’m going to type in there “Our Facebook Page.”

Right under that, it asks for the Facebook page URL, or the link to the Facebook Page.

Well I already know what the Facebook Page URL is, so I’ll type that in right there.

Next, I’m asked to select the height and width of this Facebook Box that will appear on the left column sidebar.

As you can see, it already has some default values there and I’m going to leave that just the way it is. I can always change that later.

Scroll down a little and it gives three more options by select by ticking a checkbox.

Do I want to show Faces of people who liked the page in the box Yes! Do I want to show a stream of recently published posts? Yes! Do I want to show the cover photo? Yes!

There is a visibility button next to the save button. Let’s just ignore that for now. We’ll talk about that in another lesson. For now, let’s just click “Save” to save our changes.

And as you can see, our changes are saved.

So let’s go ahead and hide all these options by clicking the handy up arrow button towards the top of the widget.

See that handy up arrow right there? I just click, and our widget rolls up like the below.

So there you go! We’ve just integrated our Facebook Page into our website! Let’s refresh the homepage and see what it looks like.

And there you go! Our Facebook page has been successfully integrated into the left column of our website!

Let’s take a closer look!

Amazing! Isn’t it!

So we’ve completed this lesson. What next? How about creating a “Contact Us” Page? Yes, that will be our next lesson. See you there!



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