Creating an “Our Rooms” Page

Since we’re building a  hotel website, we need to create an “Our Rooms” page in order to give potential guests a good idea of our rooms, their prices and features.

Creating this requires all the same steps we used to create a “Contact Us” page, but we’ll just go through this for reinforcement purposes, not to bore you!

So, once again, log into the WordPress Dashboard, click on “New >> Page” and your page template loads.

Type in Title, “Our Rooms.”

Now for the actual content of this page, here is where things get a bit technical.

I’d already created an Our Rooms page for this hotel on my personal website, and you can see some screenshots of it below.


Now you mightn’t believe it at first, but all this data is appearing on the page because of two lines of code! Yes, that data wasn’t typed or pasted into the page. It was created somewhere else and stored as a “table” in our WordPress database. Then two lines of code was placed where we want those tables to appear.

Those two lines of code highlighted are what placed all of that information on the page. How is that possible? This was done using a WordPress Plugin called “TablePress”

So, we’ll have to truncate this lesson here, and go to the next lesson “Installing the TablePress WordPress Plugin,” and then we’ll come back to part 2 of “Creating an Our Rooms Page.”

So I’ll just save the incomplete “Our Rooms” page by clicking the Publish Button and I’ll come to it later.

See you in the next lesson “Installing the WordPress Plugin”!

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