Kaiak – For Male and Female

Last updated: October 11, 2017 at 19:21 pm

Kaiak – 100ml for men is an all time favorite among men.

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The Kaiak Perfume by Natura Products is one of Brazil’s most famous and widely used perfumes. It is available in both male and female fragrances.

Kaiak Feminine Fragrances

Kaiak Feminine Perfume – 100 ml – For Women.

Kaiak Femine Adventures – 100 ml – For Women

Kaiak – Masculine Fragrances

Kaiak Masculine Perfume- 100 ml – For Men

Kaiak Masculine Perfume – Pulse – 100 ml – For Men

Kaiak Masculine Perfume – Adventure – 100 ml – For Men.

Kaiak Urbe – For Men – 100 ml.

Kaiak Extreme – 100 ml – For Men.

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